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graphic design

Mark is an abstract artist and photographer, graduating from the class of 1990 at Edinburgh College of Art.


His art is based on 20 years of working in the design and art industry, his style has

now matured into a highly original and varied abstract and contemporary art collection.


His intrigue with abstract painting came after college, and since that time he has been discovering and rediscovering its unique properties and flexibility. This becomes truly evident in his abstract painting followed by the unique style of mixed media he has continually developed. The textural and translucent properties of mixed mediums make a unique painting style.


Mark's paintings are are very textural based with contrasting colours set on expanses of blacks and whites, and overpainted again and again with blacks and whites, layer after layer to build up a deep, rich ground to work upon. The relief is built up with different techniques; layers of glues and mediums, acrylic and enamel; paper, canvas and card, sand, glass... and anything that inspires Mark. Using drawings and camera to capture images, moods and textures as well as found objects, he incorporates them into his paintings and photography, .. using acrylic, oil, enamel and ink for colour...


Many of his works are expressionistic and spontaneous which gives a epecial quality.

mark fearn





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